In the forest, hunter hunts, the lion’s day was also bad, he did not have any war, he survived the cage, but was injured. This time, his cave also came to haunts the jackals and jackal!
The enemy has started talking to all the ghosts, start the maze of lions, to subdue the lion, then do it with him, do not do it, who can do everything in front of him, after all, destroy all his followers!
See how it was time to manipulate, even the gypses were thinking that the lions, the plunder, conspiracy and conspiracy was lion every moment, was caught and injured and he was watching the whole game of hiding!
‘But my friends’

The jackals, the dogs, the jackal, the fox were all gone, but they were standing before the lion, so said the heart, surrounded the injured lions from all sides, when a roar, when he killed all the heels.
‘The lion was wounded but laughing that the time the dog changed, the dogs became lions and came to prey to the real lion’
I am hurt but how will I fear, like a mountain like me, when you make a flock from my little roar and live under the guise of deceit, and flow in the rain, in a small flood

I am stunned when bad times are hurt, but I am fortunate to believe that I have lost faith in the chest, as much as I am from the heart, I am the lion and the lion has fought alone.
All the enemies who came, joined hands, seeing the lion’s laugh, gave up all the weapons, the roaring roar turned everyone’s intentions, leaving every dream since that day to defeat the lion!

This is what happens to us not to be a slave of time, but to keep our slaves as our time, so that the time should not be based on our calculations, but according to the time, we should go, the right thing is that time does not stay for anybody, but in time We look good, what looks bad depends on our thinking.

Time is not good or bad for a person; time just keeps going, it is our thinking that they like to see him in goodness and evil, when something good happened to us, something good at home, job Something good happened in our economic life, in business life, in practical life, if something good happens then the time is good. People say time is with me.
On the contrary when something bad happened to us, something bad happened in the house, something bad happened in the job, our economic life, business life, practical life, I have something bad, the time is bad.
People generally prefer to say this when the time is bad that God is giving so much suffering.
Let us tell you one thing. This is the result of our positive and negative thinking. If we think positively then the evil of the people, our evil is reduced to us, all those things are good or bad, all those things will look good to us.
But when we come negative thoughts in our negative qualities, then we find one or the other mistake of ours as good as it is with us.
It has been said that positive things have less effect on the brain. But negative things have more effect on the brain.
Therefore, I request you all to remove the virtues of negativity from your life and give positive thought to your mind in your body.

To remove negative thinking from your mind and bring positive thinking, you can do many things which will give you, society, the benefits of positive thinking to people.
Do yoga
Early morning
Do pranayama
Go running
Listen to motivating things
Read the biography of great people

I am soon going to put an article on the conscious mind and subconscious mind too. I will also consider the harmonic and negative things.

If you have enjoyed all these things and loved it by reading it, then share it with those who need it. Like it, give your suggestion, and also tell me the suggestions about what mistakes I made in this article and all other articles and how to improve in them. So that I can present a good article among you all.

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