The number of people who like Bullet is also increasing day by day. People say that a bike is like a bullet
Perhaps that’s why it rules the hearts of people more than bike roads. We do not see much advertising on the TV, but it is aware of its power.
I am talking and the success of Royal Enfield. Not only in India but there are millions of fans all over the world and the popularity of this brand can be estimated from the fact that the customers of Royal Enfield are so brand-locked, they can weave for a new bike for several months. Are there. Royal Enfield is considered as an Indian brand.
The Royal End Field is being given so much love that its fan days are increasing day by day. That Royal Enfield was set up in England 125 years ago and how did it become an Indian brand hereafter? Next is an interesting story.

    History or Introduction

Royal Enfield was founded in 1842 by ALBERT AD and R. W SMITH. At that time the name of this company was EADIE MANUFACTURING LIMITED. Who used to make small parts of the gun. Later on, in 1896, I formed a second company under this company named the new Enfield cycle company. This company mainly made bicycles and its components. After some time, the company decided to move forward with a new thought and then in 1899, they made a four-wheeled cycle, and after just 2 years, they made the first motorcycle by adding the engine to the bicycle. On which they used the engine of the company named Minerva. In 1903, I also tried my luck in car production, although they had suffered a lot in this business in the last 2-3 years. Then sold it to the 1907 car maker. But after being able to make a motorcycle, Infield’s biggest breakthrough came in 1914 when during World War I, he received a major order to supply motorcycle to the British Row Department, and then the Russian Government thought it right to buy a motorcycle from them. Enfield’s motorcycle began to grow rapidly from here and then during the Second World War, the British Authority signed a large contract to build a military motorcycle in collaboration with Enfield. Infield Worldwide, Infield’s motorcycle was used a great deal.

    Royal Enfield to be brought to India

Royal Enfield placed its move in India in 1949. Although people started liking it since 1954 When the Indian Government liked this bike for the police and the army. 800 motorcycles of 350 cc was floated at that time. In 1955, the Enfield Company partnered with Madras Potts. In this way Royal Infield India was established.
Madras Potts sold 350 cc motorcycles for the first time. He used to compile his components from England. In 1962, all parts of the motorcycle began to be made in India. However, thereafter, Enfield England suffered a tremendous loss and hence the company had to close in 1971. But the production of motorcycles continued in India. Although the company was losing money in this company, the company further joined the iris group and then Siddharth, son of Iris Group owner Vikram Lal, raised the motorcycle’s sale again in 2000 after marketing They changed the design according to time and also organize different rides for Enfield bikers. This also increases the motorcycle craze in people, and in today’s time, Enfield motorcycles are sold not in India but in more than 50 countries like USA, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia.

    Number of sales

Enfield’s 81446 motorcycle was sold in 2013
So, in 2014, with the increase of 51%, 123018 motorcycle was sold.
More recently, on September 18, 2017, the Royal Enfield’s 350 cc and 500 cc bikes were introduced in the market.


Started in England, this company was started as a partner in India. Who had to sell his bike in India. After seeing Royal Enfield’s fluctuations, Royal Enfield became a famous brand. Which is today sold in India along with more than 50 countries.

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