This proverb must have heard-:

The droplets make the ocean from drop

But you have not heard of this journey up to Rs 300 million for one rupee
That’s what I’m going to talk about pulse Candy.
After just 8 months of launch, earn 100 million. And in just 2 years 300 million rupees has been doing business in the shortest time is the highest earning candy.

Produced pulse candy in RAJNI-GANDHA, PASS-PASS and CATCH SPICE sprawling DS Group. Two years ago, this raw mango flavored candy was introduced into the market. After this Candy has left behind the world’s biggest big companies. And made its place on the tongue of people.
It is not that someone did not eat this raw mango candy earlier. Raw Mango Bite is the only Candy of the raw mango. But this candy was dropped in the market with a different thought. In which raw mango flavors were used along with some sour sweet spices. In the beginning, the name of this candy became so famous that people bought this whole box of candy.
For this reason, its demand in the market has gone up and the supply is low due to which it started getting in black from the market and some local companies had started removing duplicates.

This candy was first launched in Gujarat in February 2015 for trials and this candy was launched all over the country when it got good response from Gujarat. And after a few months, this candy utility became so much that it started 1-1 in candy 1 ₹ 1 and established a big business of 300 million in 2 years.
The result was that it left behind a large multinational company that made OREO biscuit.
The vice president of the D.S Group says that the pules have made a place in the tongue of the people and the hearts of the people because of their excellent taste. And soon this will be launched in Singapore, America and England.

It shows that if a person has the ability to do the best wishes and the ability to work, then nobody can stop him from being successful, he will be able to make his own place among the people himself.
One thing has been said- “The person can think of anything, and who can think, can get it”
This is the story of Pulse Candy that I hope you enjoy.




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