Divorce, whom she had given to her husband when she lost her legs in a fatal accident, she is today known as Pakistan’s National Ambassador.
Many people will know that many people will not even know. Who is known as the National Ambassador of Pakistan?
I would like to tell you that Pakistan’s National Ambassador Muneebah Mazari is. Muneebah Mazari is also known as Pakistan’s Iron Lady.
Why am I writing this article about Muneebah Mazari?

Who is Muneebah Mazari?

What are the struggles done by Muneebah Mazari in his life?

Because of which I am writing this. You will know gradually when reading all this further article.
So let us know about their struggles about Muneebah Mazari life, confidence and determination.
I welcome Rajesh Tiwari in his blog whose name is In this blog, I try to tell the story of people’s success through my medium.

So let’s turn on the story of the success of Muneebah Mazari

Muneebah Mazari, famously known as Iron Lady of Pakistan, can not run again. Because of this, he did not make his wheelchair his compulsion. Today the world knows the strongest man Muneebah Mazari. Muneebah story, who sits Muneebah on the floor.


Muneebah Mazari was born on March 3, 1987 in Baloch Pakistan. Muneebah Mazari is a Pakistani artist, model, motivational speaker, singer and television host. Muneebah Mazari life was not the first. All this, he has been sitting on the floor by looking at his ability to work hard and never give up.
Muneebah hard work and his struggles made him a well-known woman from Pakistan with the general woman of Pakistan.
This is true of seeing and knowing about them that

“Time changes all the time, some time is needed to change the time”
The living example of this thing I am telling you is as Muneebah Mazari.
Muneebah Mazari was born in a conservative family. Conservative family, that is, a family where women do not have the freedom to live and live according to them. He was married at the age of 18 Their married life was also not something special. This marriage was not for his own sake, but for his father.


There was a time in Munib’s life in 2001 that changed the whole life of Muneebah. At 21, Muneebah lost a leg in a car accident. His bones were broken. There was also a few rounds in his stomach. The doctor told him that he could never become a mother. Hearing this, their life was over. In such a situation, his mother gave him complete support and said that if God has kept you alive, then he will have a huge hand in it and wants to do any special work from you. But that was not enough. After some time her husband also got divorced from them. Muneebah fell asleep completely like darkness Every hope of lights ended. Now, at the age of 21, the difficulties came out of the mountain in front of them.
There were two roads in front of Muneebah
1. He kept his life on time and was dependent on time and spent his life on a wheelchair or
2. Making time for yourself as your slave ensued and tried to correct the time passed.
They preferred to make time their slaves. They promised themselves that the time in which they have to take everything away from them, the time will give me everything back.


With his lamei-ness I did not have to spend his wheelchair full of life and he did not want me to spread my hand in front of anyone. For this, they started to overcome their fears. Start making yourself self-confident from inside. His first fear was
1. How will I live my life with the help of unhealthy feet?
The second was fear
2. Can not they ever become a mother?
3. What would happen to her life without her husband?
He was the biggest fear of his life on which he achieved success.


Rather than losing their fear and fear of these big troubles that came in their life, they took the time to become their slave and tried to correct the past. Make your wishes your career. He was fond of painting. He presented his feelings to the public through painting and he was honored several times in the field of art.
Muneebah is today known as the National Ambassador of Pakistan. Forbes ranked the Muneebah Mazari in the list of 30 under-30 list in 2016. He did a child, and his biggest fear was over when his husband married another. On the basis of his art, he became a model-hosted host and he achieved all the positions which had taken him away from the time.


Today, hearing the story of Muneebah, the new ray of hope starts to shine in hopeless despondent people and motivates to achieve a lot in life. Finds a better way to live life.
After losing my legs, where people think that I have now become a burden on people or I have left or have been. I can not achieve anything in my life. I can not find what I am thinking I can not do what I want to do. Because I did not have my feet.
The same Muneebah made his weakness as his strength and challenged the struggles he received according to his life and time. Whose fruit they received.





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