You Are Welcome Over The MOTO In The World Of The Mobile World And In The MOTO Called Gala. All Of You Are Welcome In The MOTO That Brings The COMMUNICATION World To a New Heights By Creating The World FIRST MOBILE PHONE.

Hello Moto American Company 

    Motorola Success Story

Talk about America’s multinational telecommunications company Motorola today. Which is credited with making the world’s first portable mobile phone, and a few years back, the company was the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones.
However, due to heavy losses from 2007 to 2009 the company had to sell it. Which I will write next in this article. But before that we know Motorola journey from the beginning.



It begins today, almost 90 years ago, in the year 1928, when two brothers formed Galvin Manufacturing Corporation together in a small rented house. The names of both brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin The company started with only 5 employees and working capital of $ 565 dollars. At that time, this company was started by buying the tools of the bankrupt Stewart Battery Company at the auction. After the company started, this company’s first product was Battery Eliminator. Which made the battery-powered radio fit to run on domestic electricity But this product went very quickly from the market. Because radio technology was fast moving forward. Later, Paul went on to say that people like to have radio in the car. So he asked his engineers to make good and cheaper car radio and then the radio given by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation was shown in the Radio Manufacturing Conference. Where people liked it very much and from here the company started getting orders. Now Paul wanted to put this radio made by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation under a different Brand Name. So he named this radio MOTOROLA.

How To Make Motorola From Galvin Manufacturing Corporation

Actually MOTOROLA was made up of two words, a MOTOR which was related to the motor car and the second OLA, which was taken from VICTROLA. The company sold its first Motorola brand radio on June 27, 1930, and when the radio became famous, then the company changed its name to MOTOROLA, Motorola later made a car radio receiver and sold it to the Police Department and the municipality.
Then at the time of World War II, this company launched another radio for the SCR536 model. This helped America military to help you with communication.

Then in 1947 Motorola made a television of the VT-71 model apart from the radio. By this time, motorola main business was radio and television. In 1958, when launching America first satellite, motorola also created many radio equipment for NASA, and then Neil Armstrong first went to the land of the Moon and started with Motorola Transceiver. On April 3, 1973, Motorola created the world’s first portable mobile phone. Whose model was DynaTAC.

Motorola Origins In The Mobile World

Which was made by Motorola’s senior engineer Martin Coupon. In 1974, Motorola sold its television business to Japan MATSUSHITA COMPANY. Which is the parent company of Panasonic.
After focusing on making the phone, Motorola launched the first cellular phone in 1984. Whose name was DynaTAC8000x. Similarly, until 1996, motorola
Launch many phones like MicroTAC, StarTAC, UltraClassic. By then, it had become the world’s largest mobile phone maker. But after Nokia arrival, it came in second in 1998 and launched phones such as Motorola StarTAC2004, RAZA MAXX, XT603.

Where is the success, the sooner it gets success, the same goes as soon as it happened. In Motorola’s business since 2007, there was considerable loss of motorola business, there was considerable loss in business, and on January 4, 2011, motorola has two separate- Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility, divided into separate public companies In 2012, Google bought Motorola Mobility. In just 2 years, Google sold it to lenovo and now Motorola mobile phones under the lenovo banner are engaged in trying to outrun it again.

So it was Motorola’s story that I hope you liked it.



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