McDonald’s, the world’s second-fastest fast food restaurant. Whose outlets are spread over more than 119 countries all over the world. This company sells about 10 million burgers every day. And 70,00,000 people always visit it. The company’s profits are trillions of rupees in today’s time. It would be surprised to know that such a large company was started with a small restaurant in California. Two brothers, Richard and Morris McDonald, started the year 1940. But McDonald’s success goes to the RAY KROC, which joined this company in 1955 and after joining, he conveyed the company to the summit. In order to understand this success story, we must first go to RAY KROC. So let’s know.


RAY KROC was born on October 5, 1902, in the US Oakpac. He was born in a very poor family. So at the age of 15, he changed his date of birth. And became the driver of the RAY KROC ambulance during World War I. But after the end of World War I, they had to leave the driver’s job. Then he started selling paper gullas. After working for some years, he also worked as a piano player at the local radio station. He spent 25 years of his life working differently. After the end of World War II, he started selling the machine to make milk shake machine. After selling machines for a few years, they analyzed their sales and saw that one of California’s only restaurants bought their most of the 6 machines. He was very impressed with that restaurant and they came to California to visit him. Despite being a small restaurant where he saw the customer had a very long line there. He went to many restaurants in America to sell his machine. But he had not seen such a crowd anywhere. RAY KROC asked a man in the line, What is special in this restaurant? And why are so crowded here? So the guy said that you will get only 15 cents of the best burger and you will not have to give too much time to order delivery. RAY KROC thought the McDonald brothers’ concept was great and they went deep into the know about that restaurant. Then they came to know that this restaurant, Richard and Morris, started two brothers in the year 1940. Then it was not much successful, but after eight years, in 1948 when they reduced the items of the item, they made some limited items and focused their attention on the same 4 and 5 items, since then they started getting success. They also started using machines to make their burgers and fast food. By which people saved a lot of time and so they became a favorite restaurant there.

    Franchise to be taken by RAY KROC

RAY KROC met McDonald’s brother and talked of taking McDonald’s franchisee for himself, and then accepted him in the McDonald Brothers and sold him to one of their franchises. RAY KROC opened the first branch of McDonald’s on April 15, 1955 In a few days, the restaurant was good for good service, less money and delivery. And RAY KROC also got good money. After that, the RAY KROC talked about sharing the franchisees with McDonald’s brother, to increase McDonald’s in more cities. But the McDonald brothers refused to say – that they have enough money and they do not want to do any more. He said if you are so passionate about enhancing the restaurant, then you buy this restaurant then according to your mind to work.
They were seeing their good future in McDonald’s. So, after collecting the money for a few years, in the year 1961, the company bought the company with $ 2.7 million and every year 1.9% of the royalty.
What was then the RAY KROC’s passion, hard work and good service caused their restaurant to spread rapidly. He also provided McDonald’s franchisees in his country as well as in other countries and prepared a standard on which all the restaurants had to work.
Until his death in 1983, he had spread McDonald Berger’s franchisees to 31 countries. The first branch of McDonald’s in India was opened on October 13, 1996 in Vasant Vihar, Delhi.


The boy from a poor house, learning from his hard work, and telling his world on the strength of his abilities. If you have a passion to do something inside you then there is nothing impossible in this world.

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