Mahatma Gandhi, Recognized as the Father of the Nation
Mahatma Gandhi was liberated from the clutches of India, dreaming of an independent India, and living 200 years of slaves for the purpose of creating a united India. However, behind the liberation of the country, there has been a handful of great freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for the country’s freedom! Mahatma Gandhiji was one of the great sons of Bharat Mata, who did not carry out the agitation against the British government in the country but expelled him from the country. Mahatma Gandhi made great agitations like salt agitation and Dandi yatra! Mahatma Gandhi got freedom from the chains of slavery for 200 years and liberated Bharat Mata and his big name is known in the unity of India,
We like to breathe in the open air freely
But who is the credit for our freedom?
Thousands of country lovers and devotees have sacrificed their lives on our country and given us freedom, there is a unique person among those patriots who did not have a smile in the lips with a dhoti kurta and sticks, without arms, fought for selflessly for India. Many people know him as Mahatma Gandhi, many people call him Bapu and everyone knows him as the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

    Introduction Parents Birth and Education

Mahatma Gandhi’s full name was Mohandas Karam-chand Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Por-bandar village of Kathiawar in Gujarat, his father’s name was Karam-chand Gandhi, and very few people would know that he is a Divine of Kathiawar in Gujarat. The mother’s name was Putli-bai, Putli-bai was the fourth wife of Karam-chand Gandhi and she had a religious nature, while Mahatma Gandhi lived with her mother, Or, love and spirit of selfless devotion to God were coming from them since childhood, is the image appears to end in the Mahatma Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi’s primary education Kathiawad took place in Gujarat and at the age of 14 he was married, his wife’s name was Kasturba Makhan Gandhi, very few people know that Mahatma Gandhi was 1 year younger than his wife, when 19 In the year, he went to London to get higher education from where he graduated in law! While abroad, he adopted the customs there but did not adopt the non-vegetarian food, according to his mother’s wisdom and intellectualism, he resolved to be a lifelong vegetarian and even subscribed to the same vegetarian society! After some time, he returned to India and started the practice of advocacy in Mumbai, in which the fulfillment could not succeed! After this he chose Rajkot as his place of work, where he used to write rasia for the needy people! After this, in 1893 South Africa went on a plea, where they faced problems of discrimination with Indians! An unpleasant event happened with them here, who shook the life of Mahatma Gandhi towards the events in society!
After this, the British Empire started raising questions in the interest of the atrocities in India and in the interest of their fellow countrymen! In 1906 I was in Mahatma Gandhi South Africa, where he played an important role in the war! After that he returned home in 1915 forever! At that time, at that time the British were being tortured all over India! To the Indians affected by the power of landlords, they used to get very little allowance! Throughout the country there was poverty, and the disease was spreading! The situation of Kheda village of Gujarat was very sad due to the famine and the tyranny of the British! That is what started the important role of Gandhiji’s freedom.

    First Ashram in Kheda village

His first ashram was built in Kheda village of Gujarat! Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters started cleanliness work in Kheda village and also built the school and the hospital! Mahatma Gandhi was arrested due to Kheda Satyagraha and ordered to leave the place in which many pro-Mahatma Gandhi supporters and millions of protesters performed and lakh of Gandhi ji’s supporters carried out the rallies and voice for satyagraha The result of which he was released Many protesters protested against the landlords who exploited and damaged the farmers in support of the British, which Gandhi ji himself guided! Looking at the selfless service of the country and the love of the countrymen, people addressed him as Bapu! After achieving success in Satyagrah in Kheda and Champaran, Mahatma Gandhi became the Bapu of the whole country

    Non-Cooperation Movement

After freed Kheda village from British tyranny, Mahatma Gandhi waged a war against the British in the interest of the countrymen. In which their main weapons were true non-violence and peace!
Truth, non-violence started by Gandhi ji! Non-Cooperation Movement
Non corporation movement proved brahmastra against the British! The non-co-operation movement broke out after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and they strongly condemned this massacre! According to him, violence was considered inappropriate.

    Stepping into politics and boycotting foreign goods

Given the violence happening after this, Gandhiji focused on establishing total control in the country by the government institutions. In 1921, Gandhiji joined the Indian National Congress and he urged people to adopt indigenous policy to boycott foreign objects, to wear khadi people! Women also made an important part of their movement! Gandhi ji, who was working for the British who was working for the British and his government job, also urged him to quit his job,

    Non-cooperation movement withdrawn

Non-cooperation movement has succeeded in the whole country Many people have followed indigenous policies! Unfortunately, after the violence of Chauri-Chaura, Gandhi had to withdraw the non-cooperation movement and he had to spend two years in jail! In February 1924, he was released,

    Salt movement

In spite of his imprisonment, Gandhi ji continued to work in preventing the violence in the country, and he even tried to unite the Indian National Congress! In 1928, Bapu talked about giving power to the Indian Empire at the Congress session of Kolkata. When the opposition asked the country not to cooperate with the non-cooperation movement to get freedom! After this Mahatma Gandhi started the Satyagraha movement against the salt in 1930! In which Dandi travel chief! After this, the people of the country were awakened and seeing the enthusiasm, the government interacted with Bapu, the result of which came in the form of Gandhi Treaty, according to this treaty, all political Indian prisoners were freed instead of ending the agitation! After this, Gandhiji became the main face of the Congress and reached the Gurmukh Sammelan, which was negative! After this the Indians were again tortured. He was sent to jail again, the movement continued with his supporters and the British had to face the failure.

    Movement started for Dalit

After this Bapu fasted for 6 days, after that he started a movement in the interest of the dalits, he gave the name of Harijan to the Dalits! This movement was called Harijan movement, but it could not be successful, rejected Gandhiji and elected Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar as his representative. Even after this Gandhiji fought in support of him,

    Quit India Movement

In World War II, he talked of non-violent support to the British, who had no favor in his favor, afterwards Gandhiji refused to become a party of anyone else and the movement of India was further intensified, here in the omnipresent movement Violence and arrest also happened in which Bapu was not in favor! Gandhiji asked the entire India to fight independently by doing violence or die! Gandhiji and Congress members were arrested again! This imprisonment was very dangerous for Gandhiji, at this time he also became ill and Kasturba was also dead! Despite his imprisonment, the Quit India Movement went on and even the whole thing was done! The British also decided to give power to India, but Gandhiji asked the Congress to reject the proposal of the British cabinet because this proposal was taking India towards division, but considering the dissatisfaction among Hindus and Muslims, And Pakistan was separated by paying 55 million.

    Mahatma Gandhi’s death

Nathuram Godse, responsible for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi, was a nationalist Hindu! Who believed Gandhi ji was responsible for weakening the country! Because he had paid Rs 55 million to Pakistan! On 30th January, 1948, when Nathuram Godse shot and wandered in the Vail Building, he shot him and killed him.
Nathuram Godse and his comrades were hanged in November 1949.


Mahatma Gandhi was the first leader of India’s country to take the weapon without being able to take the British away from India and sent it out! The British took iron from their 3 weapons true non-violence and peace to their shield, and on the strength of these three scriptures, Mahatma Gandhi sour British teeth.
Every person should follow the path of non-violence and peace and truth too! This is the right way to lead life and success! There is no easy way to success! Difficulties arise, which overcomes the difficulties, success kicks their steps,
Do something in life that people salute you, salute you guys, do not let it happen.

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