You must have heard this saying many times, but the person who is going to talk about this verse is right on it. I’m talking about Lamborghini’s famous super car company of the world. Built in 1963 in FERROCCIO LMBORGHINI. But this is the most important and most important part of the story. That the owner of LAMBORGHINI building of LAMBORGHINI had to take revenge from the owner of the FERRARI company.

Now you must be wondering how?

So let’s know about this. That’s how Lamborghini took his revenge from ferrari.

The story begins, in 1916 when RENAZZO I FERROCCIO was born in the small city of Italy. His father’s name was Antonio Lamborghini. His father was a farmer. Who used to take care of himself and his family by working in fields. LAMBORGHINI was interested in the Engine OR mechanical parts from childhood. Apart from this, he was also very fond of the car and LAMBORGHINI completed his studies in this field to give a new road to his interest, and after completing his studies, he stepped into the Italian royal air force. Where he worked as a mechanic in World War II and then after the World War ended, he opened his garage in place of PUD CENTO and started repairing the engine of the train.

By then, he had also taken his fiat top Nino, which had been modifying in the free time, and there was a tremendous idea in his mind by modifying that vehicle and he started buying tractors by buying army engine. This idea of ​​LAMBORGHINI started working very quickly because after the end of World War, the people there started to focus on agriculture to improve the economy of their country and due to the high demand of the tractor, the company opened by them in 1948 lamborghini tretory soon became Italy’s best tractor company.

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You might be thinking that lamborghini is a car, sportscar and supercar maker. But Rajesh has not told anything about it yet. But I would like to tell you one thing. That any film, story and success story is necessary to be suspense without a suspense film story and success story I have no fun. I will definitely tell you about it, but before that I complete the story.

So let’s know how lamborghini is a car maker company made.
The company of FERROCCIO LAMBORGHINI was counted among the successful tractor companies and they had no shortage of funds. That’s why they bought the famous ferrari 250 of that time to fulfill their hobby. But for some time after using that car, LAMBORGHINI had some problem in his clutch and instead of complaining elsewhere, he went straight to ferrari founder enzo Ferrari and told him his problem. Ferrari did not like this move of lamborghini at all and then he said that you can only drive a tractor. Handling Ferrari is not just your case. This dishonor
lamborghini shake up in. It is imperative to feel bad if a person’s car is being told this thing since childhood.
But lamborghini felt so bad that he decided to open his own car company, that he would continue to leave behind this ferrari.

lamborghini opened a small city SANT AGATA I had an auto-factory. In it, he hired three old employees of Ferrari. After that in 1963, he registered this company in the name of lamborghini automobile.
Then Lamborghini’s first car lamborghini 350 GT was launched in 1964. But Lamborghini’s car came in the eyes of the world.

When the Lamborghini Miura sportscar was launched in 1966. Which was preferred because of its high performance and different technology.
From here the lamborghini and the same company have never looked back, and buying a Lamborghini car today is the dream of every car boyfriend.
Today, Lamborghini’s sports car is famous for its speed and brand name throughout the world.

FERROCCIO LMBORGHINI was born in a very simple family. But on the basis of genuine hard work and marriage, he made a world class company and showed that if you have passion, then nothing is impossible in this world.

That is why it has been said that the boat is not overcome by fear of the waves, those who try is never lost, when the nineteen ants move with the grain, the hundred times the wall on the climbing wall, the belief of the mind fills courage in the rugs Falling falls not to fall asleep, after all its hard work is not worthless, those who try is never lost.

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