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Let’s get some marks that can be made.
Everybody bites friends,
That is how the example will be.

Today I’m going to talk about Hero’s biggest motor bike company in the world. Whose beginning of India’s independence, Brijmohan Lal Munjal had done with his three brothers and his dream was to make a ride that would be the best way to transport for the poor. But they did not have so much capital to realize this dream. Because of which he started his business from selling parts of bicycle and by selling parts, how did he make Hero Group the world’s largest company? Know this.


On July 1, 1923, Brijmohan Lal Munjal was born on the place of undivided India’s Kamalia. After India-Pakistan is separated, this place is in Pakistan. BrijMohan Lal, at the age of 20, came with his three brothers, Dayanand Munjal, Satyendra Munjal and Om Prakash Munjal, from Kamalia to Amritsar and started a bicycle business at a very small level. As the turnover is high, they get some money.


Then in 1954 he founded Hero Cycle in Ludhiana. In which for the bicycle, chain, handles were made. In the next two years, the Punjab Government took out tender for bicycles companies and Hero Cycle also participated in it. Fortunately, the Hero Group got a license to make bicycles from the government. After which he started the bicycle trading business from his government for 600,000 rupees.

Although initially its production was not something special But over time, with his passion and hard work, he increased his production to 7500 bicycles every year.
By 1975, Hero Group became the largest bicycle maker in India. After that, he started selling bicycle to a large extent overseas also, and thus by 1986, the company became the largest bicycle maker in the world, not only India. And this year his record was recorded in the Guinness Book.
Talking about today, the company makes about 19,000 cycles everyday per day.
Having achieved a huge achievement in the form of bicycle manufacturing, the Hero Group started making bikes and for the first time, he made HERO MAJESTIC.


Then in 1984, he signed a deal with Japanese company honda to make bicycles.
From here on, he laid the foundations of a new success. The Hero Group planted the plant in place of Dhuruhera in Haryana to build a bike in collaboration with Honda. Then in 1985, Hero Honda’s first bike was launched CT-100.

The bikes that sounded like the launch of their bike Because this bike was made especially for ordinary men. People who liked it because of the tremendous mileage and concert. This was the reason that from 1985 to 2002, Hero Honda’s 86 million motorcycles were sold. By that time, every day 16000 motorcycles started to be made.


Hero Honda decided to separate in August 2011 after flagging the world of motorcycles. But Hero Honda’s motorcycle in India has been sold till 2013. Because Hero gave royalties to the use of Honda’s name, and then when both companies split up. So Hero moved his business ahead of Hero MotoCorp and today Hero MotoCorp became the world’s largest motorcycle maker. In India too 46% people use this company’s bike.


After placing a different example of success in front of the world and making a different identity on November 1, 2015, at the age of 92 on November 1, 2015, BrajMohan Lal Munjal told me this world goodbye. But before that he has taught us a lot in his life.

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