The price of a person is not from this
What did he get from this world?
Rather than what he has given to this world! It is the world’s largest and the greatest scientist of Albert Einstein
Their mind gave the world many theories which turned the world over! Albert Einstein is famous for his theory of relativity and mass energy equation! This formula is used mainly to make atomic bombs! For which he was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics! Let’s know about the whole life of this scientist.


Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in Germany! His father’s name was Herman Einstein! That was an engineer and salesmen! From his childhood his head was turned, and the size of his head was bigger than his body! Because of which his parents were upset! Children are often seen to learn to speak in 1 to 2 years! But Albert Einstein took 4 years to speak! And could not speak well for almost 9 years! Which caused his parents to worry about your future! They did not even like to jump to play with their age children! They only waited for Sunday! Because on Sunday, his father used to take him to a quiet place, and sitting there, he kept thinking about the universe and the world! He always kept in mind that how the world is moving! Due to his physical lack and did not speak, he started school with a lot of late! He felt like a school jail, he believed that there is no freedom in the school! Many teachers called Einstein a bit retarded because of repeated retardation, Einstein realized that his intellect has not yet developed. And once again in his talk, he asked his teacher how can I develop my intellect? The teacher said in a line that practice is the key to success! Einstein took the matter of the teacher to his mind and made a determined determination that on one hand I would go one step ahead of the day! And that’s what happened, at the age of 12, he discovered geometry, and he was aware of it and even got some evidence. At the age of 16, he used to make difficult and difficult solutions to mathematics! Albert Einstein’s secondary education had ended until he was 16 years old! In 1900, Albert Einstein did his graduation from the Federal Institute of Technology Passed the examination, but one of his teachers was against him, he had said that Einstein is not eligible for Youssual University Assistantship. In 1902, he placed an inspector at the patent office in Berne, Switzerland. He married Marius 6 months later, who was a classmate in his Zurich. They had 2 sons, then they were in Bern and they were 26 years old. At that time he received his doctorate and wrote his first revolutionary science-related document!


Albert Einstein published these documents, he became famous. They had to work hard at the university for the job After a lecturer’s job in Berne University in 1909, Einstein gave his name for the assistant professor at the University of Zurich. Two years later, he was elected to Professor at German University in Prague City, Kozhkoslovakia. Also within 6 months they became professors in the Federal Institute of Technology In 1913, well-known scientist Max Planck and Walther Nürnst Zurich came and he encouraged Einstein for a profitable research professor at Berlin University in Germany and he also gave the full membership of the Prussian Academy of Science. Einstein accepted this opportunity. When he went to Berlin, his wife was living with his two children in Zurich and they got divorced. Einstein married Elsa in 1917.

In 1920, Einstein was elected to the Honorary Professor of Life in Leiden University, Holland. After this he also received many awards. After this, his career reached a new stop. At this time, Einstein left the California Institute of Technology, this was his last trip in the United States. They went there in 1933.

Einstein made a very important contribution to the structure of an atomic bomb in 1939. In 1945, Einstein invented his famous equation E = MC square!

The invention of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein invented many, for which his name began to be counted among famous scientists. Some of his inventions are as follows:

Quantum Theory of Light – In Quantum Theory of Einstein’s Light, he composed the small sac of energy called a photon, which has a wave-like characteristic. In his theory, he explained the emission of electrons with some metals. They composed the photo electric effect. After this theory, he invented television, which is shown through art science. Many such devices have been invented in modern times.

E = MC square – Einstein has certified an equation between mass and energy; today it is called Nuclear energy.

Brovenian Movement – This can be called Albert Einstein’s biggest and best search, where he observed the jizzeg movement in the suspension of atoms, which is helpful in the evidence of the existence of molecules and atoms. We all know that in today’s time, most of the science is the main in all branches. Read the miracle essay on science here.

Special Theory of Relativity – In this theory of Albert Einstein explained the relation of time and speed. The speed of light in the universe is described as continuous and in accordance with the rule of procedure.

General Theory of Relativity – Albert Einstein proposed that gravitational space-time is the Curve area in the Continent, which tells of the masses.

The Manpower Project – Albert Einstein created the Manpower Project, a research that supports the United States, he proposed atomic bomb in 1945. After that he taught to destroy the atomic bomb in Japan during World War.

Einstein’s refrigerator – this was Albert Einstein’s smallest invention, for which he became famous. Einstein invented a refrigerator that contains ammonia, water, and butane and the maximum energy can be used. He invented the refrigerator by keeping many features in it.

The sky is blue – it is a very simple proof that why the sky is blue, but Albert Einstein has presented a lot of arguments on this too.

In this way Albert Einstein invented many, for which his name became famous in history.


Time is very short, if we have to do something then we should start from now.

You must learn the rules of the game and you will play better than any player.

There is only one difference in foolishness and intelligence that there is a limit to intelligence.

    Award to Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein received the following awards.

The Nobel Prize in Physics was given in 1921.

Matthuukki Madal was given in the year 1921.

Kopale Madel was given in 1925.

Max Plunk Madel was given in 1929.

Centennial Time Person Award was given in 1999.

    Albert Einstein’s death

When Germany’s time came in Hitler’s royal, Albert Einstein had to leave Germany because he was Jewish and had to stay in the US New Jersey. Albert Einstein was serving his services at Princeton College and at the same time he died on 18 April 1955.


Albert Einstein, who was called a retard, achieved his hard work and hard work on which people can not even think of reaching! If passion and hard work is in people, then nobody can stop them from proceeding too!
Looking at the whole life of Albert Einstein and reading it, it can be said that the saying is true
Please do some work with full dedication that God asks you to ask what your leave.

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